If your desire is to simply maintain your shape, Jessica is not for you. Go to the gym!

If you want to increase your strength, stamina, energy, chi and overall health every fxxx-ing week, then hire Jessica. I wanted her to develop my core for my other sports. Jessica has not only done that, she has thrown such intense exercises at me that only a professional like her would know when to do so. I have a love/hate relationship with her. During our sessions, I absolutely HATE her. The next day? I LOVE the results. Sincerely, Happy Client Vince. – VINCE, accountant

Before I found Jess I was achieving very limited weight loss results on my own. I knew the fundamentals, diet and exercise, but it wasn't a question of what to do but how to do it. I walked through her door feeling unhappy about the way I looked and felt. Jess really opened my eyes to the exercises that worked best for my body type, the importance of correct form and the nutrition I required to maximize my results. I'm in a completely different body now.

I know it sounds like a cliché, but when I was suddenly lifting heavier weights and had endurance that never existed before without realizing its absence, the way I looked and felt mattered to me. Our workouts were fun and HARD. I can’t listen to 80s pop Divas without thinking of our sessions now. Thank you, Jess, for showing me a whole new side of nutrition and exercise, and for your constant support and body positive attitude to help keep me on track. I may not have my coveted Janet Jackson abs just yet, but I know I'm with the best possible person to get me there. Looking forward to achieving greater fitness goals with you as my trainer. – PAMELA, accountant

I first hired Jess with only one goal in mind: slim down for the wedding with no intention of continuing my workouts afterwards. 4 years later and I don't know what I would do without her. She has changed my entire perspective on weight-loss and living a healthy lifestyle. She not only pushes me hard, but she also knows when to pause and listen. My sessions aren't always filled with her telling me to curl another 20lb dumbbell or to drop and give her another 20 push-ups, the sessions include her coaching me through it all (the ups and downs). She has provided me with guidance when it came to my nutrition and always helped me make the right choices especially when it came to going out for dinner with friends. I have been the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life, and I owe it to Jess. – SAGHI, health worker

Jessica and I have been working together for over 11 years. My fitness goals have changed, morphed and evolved, and Jessica has always had a program to suit and to change with them, continuing to challenge me with consistently updated education and technique. But throughout the years, my changing goals and her evolving business, one thing that has never changed is her obsession with perfect form, and her obsession with the core! Get ready to feel things you’ve never felt before. – ALDEN, consultant

Being a traveling DJ, a lot of my time is spent travelling and on the go. This makes it hard for me to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I’ve been working out with Jessica now for over a year. She has a great sense of humour and great taste in music. All of our workout sessions go by a lot faster because of this! Jessica provides me with short, personalized, effective workout programs for when I’m on the road and have limited access to gym equipment. Since I’ve started with PT I’ve lost a bunch of weight, am conscious of what food I put in my body, and have the extra energy to get through with my hectic lifestyle. – DJ HEDSPIN

Jessica is a committed, creative, intelligent trainer, who will design a program to work around and overcome your roadblocks. Her drive and motivation are contagious and will help you to achieve your goals. – IRIS, retired, PHD C.Psych.

Satch trains with the utmost care and professionalism, always. He is patient but firm with me and always finds ways to make training fun while still staying focused on the goal. Most importantly, Satch cares. He cares that I always progress and that I understand our training. – PREMAL, executive

Working with Satch has been awesome. Not only is he very knowledgeable about form and functional exercises, he is able to communicate how the exercises contribute to our results. This has helped me to evaluate my progress to date, and to troubleshoot some of my plateaus and obstacles. He is also able to develop new programs that accommodate my lifestyle changes, and to adapt the program to my goal of maintaining high athleticism. I look forward to continuing to work with him to help guide me in achieving my fitness goals. – ROB, analyst